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Legacy Football Club

“Club Academy”

Legacy Football Club offers extra training sessions to its members with no added expense! The schedule for the below sessions can be found on the calendar page. The 3 Club Academy sessions that we offer include:




.Winter Home Training Program


Legacy's Goalkeepers will be trained by 3 of the best G.K. coaches in Northern Nevada. With an age specific curriculum designed to not only push the young goalkeepers, but to help them gain confidence in themselves technically and tactically. Follow the link below to sign up now. The Director of Goalkeeping and curriculum advisor is Jennifer Mavis


 ·         Shot Stopping

·         Crosses/corners

·         High balls

·         Distribution

·         Breakaways

·         3 goal situations

·         Communication

·         Leadership

·         Confidence

 All training is age specific. Not part of Legacy? Contact us about the various goalkeeper training and camp opportunities throughout the year! Contact: jennifer@legacyfc11.com

Speed/Agility/Quickness Training

Legacy F.C is dedicated to the total development of our young female and male student/athletes. Members of Legacy F.C teams will participate in different speed, agility and quickness activities within their team training sessions. 


Legacy Football Club partnered with iSoccer in July 2013. One of the major reasons why we partnered ourselves with iSoccer was so that we could track the technical development of our players through testing days, individualized technical training home programs and see their growth and development. Through iSoccer we are able to motivate and hold our players accountable for their development as student/athletes. Our players are able, through different challenges, work on their strengths but also more importantly their weaknesses. The home training program also allows them to compete against each other to earn different rewards. iSoccer also allows the coach to individualize programs for their players so that they can reach their goals of becoming the complete soccer player. 

Legacy Football Club's exclusive membership with iSoccer includes benefits such as: dedicated support team , customized iSoccer webpage, customized launch/promo tools, customized club score cards, automated club learning center,  DOC reports to track team usage, customized bag tags by Skillyzs and a money back guarantee.

Legacy Football Club's Director of Coaching, Vanessa Mann, tracks weekly progress of the entire club and sends out advice to teams on some areas she believes that they should be focusing on so as to keep them competing and making development something fun and social to do.

 iSoccer 8 Week Practice Plan

iSoccer Assessment Plan

Winter Home Training Program

Legacy F.C Winter Home Training Program