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How Will You Be Remembered?

How Will You Be Remembered?


 Legacy F.C. is dedicated to child development for ages 4-18. Players cannot successfully progress into the tactical aspects of the game without a solid foundation in technique. Player development is not about the number of games a team wins or goals scored at the younger age groups, but about the technical ability of all players on the team. All players will be trained in the “Legacy way.”

The Curriculum

Legacy F.C strives to provide the best soccer experience for all of its players. In line with the current US soccer curriculum, Legacy F.C recognizes the need for organization of player development by age and stage. The Club's development model aims to provide the overall strategic framework for the development of our players, parents, coaches and club. Successful clubs have a well-defined organizational structure, detailed player and coach development programs, and excellent administration.

 Legacy Football Club- Club Development Model

Technical Mastery is our #1 concern in the developmental (U5-U12) age groups.