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How Will You Be Remembered?

How Will You Be Remembered?
Legacy Football Club
Additional Parent Information/Education
How long is a Full season?Our training Cycle dictates how long our seasons run. The fall season runs from August to the end of October. While the spring season for most teams starts sometime in Jan (depending on age group) and runs through the end of May (sometimes the first week of June). The spring season is two months longer than the fall season or us. The fall season is treated more like a practice season in preparation for play off events in the spring time.
What are the usual time commitments?Generally speaking our younger teams train twice a week with sessions running from 1.25 hours and 1.5 hours. The older teams will train three times a week with sessions running for about 1.5 to 1.75 hours.  Generally speaking the league games are twice a week, 1 weekday game and 1 weekend game on Saturdays.
Why does the spring season cost more than the Fall Season?The fall season is two months short and we go to a few more tournaments during the spring season. The spring season also includes the cost to pay for the indoor training facility when training starts up sometime in January.
Do the fees include the uniform costs?The uniform fees are not collected by the club and are not directly included in the registration fee. The estimate is listed on the about section below the Seasonal club fees and are about $120 for a full kit. The fees are collected by soccer.com and are delivered right to your door.
How do we order uniform items?You should receive a link from soccer.com to order uniform items. Your coach or a club admin will let you know when the roster was submitted to soccer.com in which case the link should come to you no more than 96 hours after. If you want to order additional items you can head to this link Legacy FC on Soccer.com. The only portion of the uniform that is required are those items that a player would need in order to play. There are 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks and 1 training shirt. The site does offer select warm-ups and bags as well as extra training shirts if you are interested. They will come with the club logo included. Bags and sweats will have the player’s initials on them (you will need to provide that information). You can do all of this through the soccer.com site or you can place an order by phone. Their contact information can be found by clicking the link above.
Are all the costs to play included in the fees?All fees collected in the fall cover all costs to play for the fall. This includes tournament fees, training fees, equipment, ect. The only additional fee that sometimes gets over looked, but is listed on the about section right below the club fees, is the Great Basin Youth Soccer League fee. It’s not directly included in the club fees because the league sometimes changes this fee. So we post it separate to allow for said changes. The uniform costs are not collected by the club and are about $120 for the entire required kit (2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks, 1 training shirt.)
What do the fees cover?The clubs registration fees include the cost for entry into tournaments, training fees, equipment costs, coaching education, as well as other administrative cost for running the organization. ie Insurance, website, travel and accommodations to tournaments (for teams old enough to travel), printing supplies, ect.
What is the refund policy?After fees have been collected there is a no-refund policy, unless your player is declared medically unable play by a doctor; in which case the training fees from the date of the doctor’s note shall be pro-rated and refunded.
When does indoor start?We do not organize indoor soccer teams to be played in the various leagues in Reno/Sparks. We do suggest that those want to pursue indoor during the off season do so with other members of the club. We also suggest that there be no organized adult involvement (ie training sessions for these teams, or game management unless players need help with clock and substitution management). This off season should be a time for the kids to just be kids and have fun. They've already been through 3 months of adult organization give them a break! We do however have some indoor training sessions that start near the end of January for most of our teams to get our players back out into touching the ball. Since the league games typically start up in March, we want to make sure out players have had enough touches on the ball and are fit enough to partake in games without injury.
What if my child plays another sport?True athletes are not defined by a sport, but rather a set of skills that can be used in many situations or activities. We take US Soccer's stance on allowing our players some time off during the younger ages to engage in other sports. During the Winter Months Nov-Jan is time off for our younger players to engage in sports like basketball, skiing, snowboarding, ect. The Summer Months June-August allows time for those who would like to engage in summer time sports. As players get older the time commitments for soccer as well as other sports do tend to get more intense. We tend to see players about high school age who only partake in sports like basketball during the winter months and play soccer during the fall and the spring. If another sport is causing missed practices it is the responsibility of the player and the parent to speak to the coach in regards to missed training sessions, playing time, ect.
When do we start traveling to out of state tournaments?While US Soccer does not promote tournaments at young age groups. We see that it may be necessary for certain teams to travel outside of the area for more competition. Typically we don't send teams out of state younger than u11. With the u11 age group going to only 1 travel tournament in the spring season and playing in local tournaments or jamborees. Based on US Soccer and The Spanish FA (Currently the best in the world) the younger players need to be involved in environments in which they can develop as soccer players. If being the best soccer player is the highest priority sometimes highly competitive tournaments cause youngsters to focus on one thing, Winning at all cost because of society pressures, parental pressures, ect. We want to produce the best soccer players by 15, 16 and 17 years old. Those who might succeed at the highest level. It’s our responsibility as a coaching staff and a club to take long term player development into account in every decision that we make not just about the next game on Saturday.
What should I do if I want my child to play, but I don't have the financial means?Currently the club has a very small scholarship fund. We do however provide fundraising opportunities for your family to cover the cost of the club's fees. We do not provide financial support to cover the $100 GBYSL fee. GBYSL does have a separate scholarship fund to cover all or a portion of that cost. Please contact the Club President, Jen Mavis jennifer@legacyfc11.com, for more information on funding for your child's club fees.
Are the extra training sessions mandatory?Team training sessions are mandatory. The extra skills sessions (Goalkeeping, Power and Precision, SAQ) are not mandatory, but highly suggested for your player. These sessions are based heavily on individual learning; however towards the end of each session we let the group play in small sided games to practice their new technical habits. Confidence comes with preparation this is a great opportunity for your player to train in an environment where growth is not an option. They will make mistakes and get frustrated, but when that new technical habit because a strong habit you will see improved confidence in your player. Check the clubs training Calendar for more details on the times and dates for your players age group.
Who should I talk to if I have concerns regarding my player's playing time?If you have questions or concerns about your player's playing we suggest that you start with talking to your player. Your player's initial response maybe "I don't know." Ask him or her more detailed questions in regards to training. The next step would be to have the child speak to his or her coach about what they can do to improve and increase their individual playing time. If this doesn't give you adequate answers talk to your player's coaching staff. Most of our teams have at least two coaches on staff for you to talk to. We feel that we have the most approachable group of people in this club. If you have a hard time communicating with your player's coach please contact the club's Director of Coaching, Vanessa Mann her email address is vanessa@legacyfc11.com

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