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How Will You Be Remembered?

How Will You Be Remembered?

Legacy Football Club


Legacy Football Club has two different ways our players can play. We have a “Competitive” side and a “Recreational” side. Below is brief explanation of what each one entails.

Recreational: This is one area that we have begun to tap into over the last few years. Last spring season we had two girls teams, u U/7-8 girls team and a U/8 boys team. Both teams competed in the GBYSL league recreation division. These players practiced twice a week, once in an academy-style setting and once with their team and coach. In the academy-style the players all practiced together under the guidance of the program director, Vanessa Mann. The players had a different theme each week that built on from the previous. The players were taught in a “serious fun” style. In the one hour session the first 30 minutes is dedicated the ball mastery where players are in a 1:1 ball to player ratio setting understanding the 12 different ways the ball can be manipulated by both feet and learning 1-3 different moves each session. These sessions are designed under the direction of the Coerver Coaching method- Vanessa Mann is the only certified Coerver Coaching trainer in Northern Nevada.

Our fall season runs from August-October and our spring season runs from April-June.

Competitive: Our overall goal with our competitive side of the club is to have both girls and boys teams in every age group from u/10 to u/18. As of this past 2012/2013 year we had 10 competitive teams. The competitive teams practice 2-3 times per week with their team. They play in the GBYSL league with games being Saturdays and/or one mid-week game. Our competitive teams also participate in tournaments in the Reno/Northern California region. Depending on the teams ability they may participate in regional and national level tournaments as they continue to grow and get older.  For our u/10 and u/11 teams we see no reason for them to travel outside of the Reno/Tahoe area in regards to tournaments. Our u10-u11 teams play in 2 tournaments in the fall and 2-5 tournaments in the spring depending on age, ability and needs.

Our fall season begin in early August and runs till early November. We practice indoors for the months of January-March and then continue outdoor until early June.

Level Group Team Coach
Recreational Boys U13 813B Mavis Joseph Mavis
Competitive Boys U19 Legacy FC '99 tba
Competitive Girls OPEN '98 Joseph Mavis
Competitive Girls OPEN 96 Jennifer Mavis
Recreational Girls U13 '05 tba